Tree Services

Tree Services

We Provide the Following Services:

  • Corrective Tree Care
  • Tree Removals
  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub & Ornamental Pruning
  • Hazards/Storm Damage
  • Emergency Tree Work
  • Cords of Firewood

  • Debris Clean-up
  • Chipper services
  • Fall Clean-ups
  • Snow Plowing
  • Roof Snow Removal
  • We Plant Trees & Shrubs
  • Tree & Plant Healthcare

Proper Pruning:

  • DO NOT thin or cut out inner live growth of any tree
  • Remove as much dead or diseased wood as possible to ensure a healthy tree
  • Proper cutting along branch collar to promote healing after pruning branches

Safety Prune:

  • To remove hazardous branches in danger of hitting or damaging property
  • To reduce branch weight or to balance the branch & the tree
  • To remove damaged branches due to the weather or elements

Ornamental Prune:

  • To prune trees & shrubs to desirable shapes & to promote a healthy plant

Corrective Tree Care:

  • To fix damage to trees and shrubs resulting from improper cutting, trimming and shaping.

Why Prune Regularly?

Pre-Winter Prune:
Thinning branch tips or cutting them back to help reduce risk of branch failure due to overweight tips from snow or rain.

Spring Prune:
To remove dead or diseased wood in the beginning of the growth season on an annual basis in order to promote a healthy overall growth.

Pruning on a regular basis, can prevent hazardous trees and branches, proving cost effective and promoting overall safety.

Avoid Giving Utility Companies The Right to Hack Your Trees